I always wondered what I blog was. I mean, it’s such an ugly word… “blog.” Sounds like you’re chocking on something, like “blegh.”

Well, apparently, it is another contraction (because we love it when we combine two words into one, don’t we?). Blog is short for “web log.”

What I failed to understand, however, was the purpose for the blog. Why would I want to post my thoughts, rants, and ramblings for everyone to see? I understand if you are a celebrity or public figure. People already love you. You can say that you hate your fans and they will still read your stuff. But the average guy? Well, I decided to give this blogging thing I try. Who knows? Maybe you, the reader, will learn something or may even be blessed by something I post.

And maybe it will put some of my Facebook and Twitter friends at rest, when I don’t post consecutively due to the 140 character limit. I may even tweet less (highly unlikely)!!!