Saturday will be my birthday!  To celebrate, I organized the 2nd Two-Bit Invitational Social Gathering.

Now, you may be asking yourself, “What in the world is that?” (actually, I DID run into some people that had no idea what that was).  Simply put, it’s a party.  I wanted to get away from using the word “party,” because it sounds like birthday hats and clowns and balloons and that type of stuff.  It’s not.  Let me break down the title and explain:

Two-Bit is simply to attach it to me, Aaron Romero, the Two-Bit Specialist.  Now I’m running into a new problem because not everyone knows that’s my online handle (it’s only used for Twitter and YouTube and some message boards so far).  I will explain where the handle comes from some other time.

Invitational has to do with the fact that is only open to the people I invite.  It was originally going to be an “Open Social Gathering,” but then I realized that I may have unwanted guests at my house, so I quickly shut that down and went with its current name.  Both “invitational” and “open” come from the tennis and golf terms for tournaments.

Social Gathering is a fancy and tedious term synonymous with party.  I had so many choices:  partay, hootnanny, shindig, mixer, rave, ect… But they all have terrible connotations attached to them, so I went with “social gathering.” (because I love defines it as “a gathering for the purpose of fellowship.”  And, ultimately, that is what I want:  to open the doors of my home and have my friends over to have a good, wholesome time.

I originally wasn’t going to host the 2nd TBISG until next year, but it turns out that my birthday is on a Saturday, and the calendars weren’t jam-packed with activities (as they usually are in December), so it all worked out.  Hope to see you there!