I mentioned on my first post that I wasn’t sure what use the regular joe (or Jose, in my case) had for a blog.  The more I think about it, the more I can see the endless possibilities a blog can have for me.

I am fascinated by writing and literature.  I have for as long as I can remember, just to different extents.  In the fifth grade, I was well-known in my school for my one-page comic book stories.  Granted, they were blatant rip-offs of whatever was on TV at the time, but I made a name for myself in those days by writing and illustrating stories.  At Lamar High School, I was taking Creative Writing and Shakespeare classes.  At Trinity Baptist Academy, my one-act play was such a hit in my English class that we had plans to perform it, which ultimately fell through.

For years I have been trying to perfect my writing abilities.  Having to learn English in my junior high years definitely set me back, but now I pride myself in my good handle of grammar.  I’m such a stickler for good grammar.  Perhaps it was my great desire to write stories that pushed me to learns all the ins and outs: vocabulary, diction, syntax, the endless exceptions to the rules, the nonsensical idiomatic expressions, the slang and colloquialisms…

The writer in me has this inner desire to convey a story and captivate people’s attention, to help them fully perceive in their minds what I have conceived in mine.  Every writer needs an outlet, a means to sharpen his skills and stay at the top of his game.  And that, friends, it’s where a blog comes in.  I’m going to love this.  Hopefully, you’ll stick around for the ride.

~My Two Cents.