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5 Games I’ve Beat – RPG Edition

Welcome to this week’s edition of “5 Games I’ve Beat,” where after one edition I’ve already run out of franchise-based or character-based entries because I stink at videogames!  Instead we are going to look at at a particular genre, it being RPGs.

For the uninitiated, RPG stands for Role-Playing Game.  To put it simply, an RPG puts you in control of a character or a team of characters, each with their own personality, backstory, attributes, and abilities, in order to overcome some powerful evil.  Often, you must crawl through dungeons and investigate towns in order to advance the plot.  Unlike other genres, the game is not structured by stages or levels, but rather it pits you in a large world, where you may explore each area as you please (often only some of these areas are accessible at the beginning, but more open up as you progress).

Perhaps the more defining characteristics of RPGs are the battle mechanics.  As you begin, each character begins weak or at the lowest level, but as you fight and defeat your foes, you earn experience points.  Enough points let you increase your level, allowing you sometimes to learn new techniques or abilities or even magical attacks.  The fighting is turn-based, meaning that you select what you want your characters to do first and then watch as they are played out in battle.  On the one hand, it’s great to have all the time in the world to make up your mind or assess the situation, but it might be weird to not be directly involved with what’s going on as you would in a platformer like, say, Super Mario Bros.

Because of the nature of RPGs, they are more conducive to tell stories that sometimes put novels or TV shows to shame.  But this introduction is already going pretty long, so hit the jump to look at 5 RGP games that I have beaten (did I mention that they are usually pretty long games): Continue reading


Gold Lions Update – 05/23/10

God blessed the Gold Lions with 35 riders in attendance on Sunday–a significant drop from last week, but it’s not too bad considering that the effects of summer are already being felt even though it’s not “technically” summer yet (because kids still have one more week of school).

We had a problem right from the get-go:  Two kids decided to be outright disrespectful to the workers and myself.  I was initially opposed to having to take them back, but their defiance became more than what I could stand, and we took them back home.  We even had to wait until mom got back from the laundry place.  This is the first time I ever had to do something like this.  Not even as a worker did we ever resort to this.  I’m thinking about not letting them back on the bus for a time, because this is not the first time they caused trouble.

Sunday I had the privilege of teaching Bro. Robert Graf’s class.  Even though we’ve been through Exodus already, I taught on the call of Moses.  I hope the kids liked it.  Apparently, I am also kinda long-winded.

We gave the kids the cookies I had been saving since last week (the Sanders family bought fudge bars for all the kids that time).  Buying cookies from Family Dollar is turning out to be a good alternative for weekly promotions.  I really hope we can raise enough money to get our bus tag and thus get a pizza party, though it seems very unlikely seeing how we barely have $30 (and the goal is $150).  We still have a week to accomplish this.

At the time of this writing, I still don’t know if any of my kids landed in jail or how the other buses fared.  I’m also toying with a few ideas for our bus.  I still believe we have the bus with the greatest potential in our fleet.  We’ve overcome so much to get to where we are, and we haven’t seen anything yet.

~My Two Cents

Apple enters the console war (spoof)

I get my Nintendo news from several sources, but one of my favorite sites is the aptly named  In a story about an IGN’s Matt Casamassina accepting a position with Apple, the readers in the comments section joked about the possibility of Apple directly competing with Nintendo in the console market.  One post particularly grabbed my attention, which I will now reproduce here.

I’ll be the first one to admit that I like the iMac.  I used to use one at work for simple video editing, and it was the best thing ever.  And if the things weren’t terribly overpriced, I might have just gotten one for myself.  Having said that, what would Apple’s console be like?


Continue reading

So after a long hiatus, the Two-Bit Specialist is back now in the outset of summer.  I’m hoping now that I can post a little more frequently now.

As many of you may know, my library of games is rather large, going upwards of 200 games by now.  Mainly for my own benefit, I decided to chronicle that games that I have finished (the requirements for completion will change from game to game, but usually beating the final boss and getting 100% is necessary).  I hope you guys get a kick out of it.  I’ll go through 5 at a time, as that way it won’t seem so overwhelming and it will give me a chance to go a little bit into detail about each game.

To start things off, what better than 5 games about a mustached Italian plumber who is almost synonymous with video-games?  Hit the jump to see 5 games in the Mario series that I have beat: Continue reading

Gold Bus Update – May 16th

Normally, I update on the same Sunday the results in our bus ministry that day, but now the news are making their transition to the Two-Bit Special.  On the 9th, God blessed the Gold Lions with 45 riders, and on Sunday we had 46.  It is a great blessing to see our bus recuperating from the low numbers that crippled us during the Arlington to Anchorage Bus Race.

We also had a boy get baptized from our bus.  His name is Devon Thibodeau.  His siblings Jacob and Brittany Tamez have also gotten baptized from our bus.  They are great kids with a lot of potential that seems to be hampered by a difficult upbringing.  Once the mom had to remove them from our bus because of a problem that arose with their other brother, Simon.  I’m happy that they are back, but don’t you know it Simon got in trouble again on Sunday.  When Brittany and Jacob got baptized, Simon got in the trouble that caused him to be kicked out.  I see a sad pattern here, clearly the devil’s work against our bus.  We’ll see how it turns out as Saturday comes around.

Tiffany Yazzie is gone for the summer, and in her place we have Sarah Salinas helping out.  The Sanders family are a great help and asset.  Joshua and Brooke are nice kids and like to participate in the bus.  Twice now the Sanders have helped us with our bus promotion by buying fudge bars (the first time I didn’t even have anything in place, so it was a great blessing).

I really don’t see us raising enough money for the bus tag.  I don’t think we’ve been pushing this enough.  Hopefully this last week we’ll have the funds we need and get that pizza party.

I love seeing our faithful riders come every week, like the Mitchell girls (little Sarah turned 4 last month so she’s been riding for a few weeks now) or a girl named Daniella.  It was also great to see some new faces, such as a boy named Ian (his mom stopped me last Sunday and was very much interested in him going) and two Puerto Rican little girls that I met on Saturday visitation.  They hadn’t realized that they’ve been to our church before on the Purple Pirates.  I’m sure they meant no ill will, but they were quick to point out that they beat us at some contest we had before (grumble grumble).  I told them how lucky they were to be on the best bus at TBC now.

If you work on a bus or Sunday school ministry, how was your day on Sunday?  Leave a comment on the section below and don’t forget to share!

~My Two Cents


Congratulations Trinity Baptist Bible College Class of 2010

(I meant to type this up last night, but after 11 cups of white grape juice mixed with ginger ale, four short of the record, I was in no condition to do anything else.  Every year…)

Well, the school year is finally over, and last night we honored 12 students at TBBC for completing their course of study after several (and I mean several) grueling years of college.  Graduation is always an exciting time around TBBC, and I figured I would make a congratulatory blog post, not just to these 12, but everyone else that was recognized.  Our 12 graduates were:

  • Kevin Absher (Wylie, TX) – Pastoral Theology

I didn’t have the privilege of getting to know Bro. Absher that well, but I know he loves the Lord and is a faithful servant at Bro. James Rasbeary’s church.  I’m excited to hear more about him as he starts a new ministry in Texas.

  • Justin Barnett (Arlington, TX) – Pastoral Assistant

You know, it’s not nice to lie at your own graduation.  Justin had the nerve to get up there and say he was the captain of the best bus at TBC, something that I had just said that morning at the Graduate and Alumni Banquet.  Other than that, I know of no other single young guy that is as serious and hard-working as Justin Barnett.

  • Kristi Caviness (Roseburg, OR) – General Studies

I follow Kristi on Twitter (@RellaCaviness).  I can relate to those all-nighters working on papers and notebooks and getting no sleep (at least at night).  They finally paid off.  I joke with Kristi all the time about her seeming lack of lady-likeness, but the truth is that she has a servant’s heart and a desire to be her best for God.  Those are the qualities of a true lady.

  • Benjamin Davis (Alvarado, TX) – Missions

Benjamin joins Lindsay Camp Polyak as a TBBC graduate with a 4.0 average.  Not an easy task.  Unsurprisingly, he is this year’s Valedictorian.  Despite what some of y’all may think, I’m very happy for his success.  He plans to work with the deaf in the States or around the world.  Just as long as it’s not here (I’m JOKING!)

  • Robert Graf (Arlington, TX) – Pastoral Theologoy

Much like with Bro. Chris Winkle last year, Bro. Graf’s graduation is the culmination of a long, arduous journey.  I relate very much to Bro. Graf.  We were both reached and discipled by the same people.  We have gone through similar trials in our teenage years.  To make it to this point while being a husband and a father it’s a great testament to his character.

  • Brooke Jones (Fort Worth, TX) – Education

I have only known Brooke for five months, and even then it was only on Mondays when we had class together.  It’s great that more students are taking an interest in Christian Education.  It’s a cause that I believe in, and I’m glad she finished her course of study with TBBC.

  • Michael Moore (Haltom City, TX) – General Studies

Not the film-maker.  Michael is a fun guy to hang around with.  Four months after getting saved, he enrolled at TBBC.  We saw him grow and become bolder in his Christian life.  He never gave up, and now he’s enjoying a great victory.

  • Eric Neilsen (Wills Point, TX) – Missions

Bro. Neilsen is another example of a man that not only put his family first, but also had the character to finish his Bible college education.  After five and a half years (taking a semester off in preparation for the birth of a little one), he and his family are at the cusp of a new chapter in their lives.

  • Webb O’Neil (Grand Prairie, TX) – Pastoral Theology

Bro. O’Neil is proof of the great power of the Gospel to change lives.  Having been raised in the little town of Splendora, TX as a Jehovah’s Witness, he is now going back there to share a different message, the truth of the Gospel.  I love hearing his inspirational story.

  • Katie Patrick (Arlington, TX) – General Studies

Katie P.  was raised in Pennsylvania, but don’t hold that against her.  As with Kristi, I joke with Katie about her lack of lady-likeness, but she is in truth a Christian lady with a genuine love for her Saviour.  She is going back for her Education degree as well.

  • Gayla Reed (Arlington, TX) – General Studies

This came out of left field for a lot of us.  Ms. Gayla has had enough credits hours for her degree for a while, but the Reeds did not realized it until recently.  She has the distinct privilege of graduating with her grandson, Benjamin.

  • Crystal Turner (Grand Prairie, TX) – General Studies

Crystal is so quite and reserved.  She is not quite about the Lord.  She always joins us (or Katie, I suppose) for TBC’s soulwinning program.

What made last night even more special was Dr. Bill Howe’s introduction of TBBC’s Masters program, as well as the presentation of four doctorate degrees.  That’s right.  TBBC awarded four Doctorate of Divinity diplomas to these four deserving men:

  • Pastor Karl Ogdie
  • Pastor Todd Lasseter
  • Bro. Sam Reed
  • Dr. Bob Smith (yes, now he has two.  In his own words, he is now a “paradox” [“pair of docs.” Get it?])

Lastly, I thought I would congratulate the recipients of the following scholarships:

  • President’s Scholarship – Kyla Shimmel and Chris Kroeker
  • Ralph McCoy Memorial Scholarship – Brittany Raley
  • Conqueror’s Scholarship – Jamie Wurrito (I wonder if they spelled “Conqueror’s” correctly this time)
  • Charles Becker Fellowship Scholarship – David Moncibaiz and Tiffany Ellis
  • Soulwinner’s Scholarship (furnished by Bible Baptist Church, Rendon)  – Alyssa Mattingly (also known as Clarissa Hattingly)
  • A. F. Jernigan Scholarship (furnished by Lakeland Street Baptist Church) – Jeremy Bingham and Sims Anderson

Well, that’s all for now.  Congratulations again to the class of 2010 from the Two-Bit Specialist.  Share your words of congratulations on the comment section below and be sure to share this post with your friends.

~My Two Cents