(I meant to type this up last night, but after 11 cups of white grape juice mixed with ginger ale, four short of the record, I was in no condition to do anything else.  Every year…)

Well, the school year is finally over, and last night we honored 12 students at TBBC for completing their course of study after several (and I mean several) grueling years of college.  Graduation is always an exciting time around TBBC, and I figured I would make a congratulatory blog post, not just to these 12, but everyone else that was recognized.  Our 12 graduates were:

  • Kevin Absher (Wylie, TX) – Pastoral Theology

I didn’t have the privilege of getting to know Bro. Absher that well, but I know he loves the Lord and is a faithful servant at Bro. James Rasbeary’s church.  I’m excited to hear more about him as he starts a new ministry in Texas.

  • Justin Barnett (Arlington, TX) – Pastoral Assistant

You know, it’s not nice to lie at your own graduation.  Justin had the nerve to get up there and say he was the captain of the best bus at TBC, something that I had just said that morning at the Graduate and Alumni Banquet.  Other than that, I know of no other single young guy that is as serious and hard-working as Justin Barnett.

  • Kristi Caviness (Roseburg, OR) – General Studies

I follow Kristi on Twitter (@RellaCaviness).  I can relate to those all-nighters working on papers and notebooks and getting no sleep (at least at night).  They finally paid off.  I joke with Kristi all the time about her seeming lack of lady-likeness, but the truth is that she has a servant’s heart and a desire to be her best for God.  Those are the qualities of a true lady.

  • Benjamin Davis (Alvarado, TX) – Missions

Benjamin joins Lindsay Camp Polyak as a TBBC graduate with a 4.0 average.  Not an easy task.  Unsurprisingly, he is this year’s Valedictorian.  Despite what some of y’all may think, I’m very happy for his success.  He plans to work with the deaf in the States or around the world.  Just as long as it’s not here (I’m JOKING!)

  • Robert Graf (Arlington, TX) – Pastoral Theologoy

Much like with Bro. Chris Winkle last year, Bro. Graf’s graduation is the culmination of a long, arduous journey.  I relate very much to Bro. Graf.  We were both reached and discipled by the same people.  We have gone through similar trials in our teenage years.  To make it to this point while being a husband and a father it’s a great testament to his character.

  • Brooke Jones (Fort Worth, TX) – Education

I have only known Brooke for five months, and even then it was only on Mondays when we had class together.  It’s great that more students are taking an interest in Christian Education.  It’s a cause that I believe in, and I’m glad she finished her course of study with TBBC.

  • Michael Moore (Haltom City, TX) – General Studies

Not the film-maker.  Michael is a fun guy to hang around with.  Four months after getting saved, he enrolled at TBBC.  We saw him grow and become bolder in his Christian life.  He never gave up, and now he’s enjoying a great victory.

  • Eric Neilsen (Wills Point, TX) – Missions

Bro. Neilsen is another example of a man that not only put his family first, but also had the character to finish his Bible college education.  After five and a half years (taking a semester off in preparation for the birth of a little one), he and his family are at the cusp of a new chapter in their lives.

  • Webb O’Neil (Grand Prairie, TX) – Pastoral Theology

Bro. O’Neil is proof of the great power of the Gospel to change lives.  Having been raised in the little town of Splendora, TX as a Jehovah’s Witness, he is now going back there to share a different message, the truth of the Gospel.  I love hearing his inspirational story.

  • Katie Patrick (Arlington, TX) – General Studies

Katie P.  was raised in Pennsylvania, but don’t hold that against her.  As with Kristi, I joke with Katie about her lack of lady-likeness, but she is in truth a Christian lady with a genuine love for her Saviour.  She is going back for her Education degree as well.

  • Gayla Reed (Arlington, TX) – General Studies

This came out of left field for a lot of us.  Ms. Gayla has had enough credits hours for her degree for a while, but the Reeds did not realized it until recently.  She has the distinct privilege of graduating with her grandson, Benjamin.

  • Crystal Turner (Grand Prairie, TX) – General Studies

Crystal is so quite and reserved.  She is not quite about the Lord.  She always joins us (or Katie, I suppose) for TBC’s soulwinning program.

What made last night even more special was Dr. Bill Howe’s introduction of TBBC’s Masters program, as well as the presentation of four doctorate degrees.  That’s right.  TBBC awarded four Doctorate of Divinity diplomas to these four deserving men:

  • Pastor Karl Ogdie
  • Pastor Todd Lasseter
  • Bro. Sam Reed
  • Dr. Bob Smith (yes, now he has two.  In his own words, he is now a “paradox” [“pair of docs.” Get it?])

Lastly, I thought I would congratulate the recipients of the following scholarships:

  • President’s Scholarship – Kyla Shimmel and Chris Kroeker
  • Ralph McCoy Memorial Scholarship – Brittany Raley
  • Conqueror’s Scholarship – Jamie Wurrito (I wonder if they spelled “Conqueror’s” correctly this time)
  • Charles Becker Fellowship Scholarship – David Moncibaiz and Tiffany Ellis
  • Soulwinner’s Scholarship (furnished by Bible Baptist Church, Rendon)  – Alyssa Mattingly (also known as Clarissa Hattingly)
  • A. F. Jernigan Scholarship (furnished by Lakeland Street Baptist Church) – Jeremy Bingham and Sims Anderson

Well, that’s all for now.  Congratulations again to the class of 2010 from the Two-Bit Specialist.  Share your words of congratulations on the comment section below and be sure to share this post with your friends.

~My Two Cents