I get my Nintendo news from several sources, but one of my favorite sites is the aptly named MyNintendoNews.com.  In a story about an IGN’s Matt Casamassina accepting a position with Apple, the readers in the comments section joked about the possibility of Apple directly competing with Nintendo in the console market.  One post particularly grabbed my attention, which I will now reproduce here.

I’ll be the first one to admit that I like the iMac.  I used to use one at work for simple video editing, and it was the best thing ever.  And if the things weren’t terribly overpriced, I might have just gotten one for myself.  Having said that, what would Apple’s console be like?

Source: http://mynintendonews.com/2010/04/26/nintendo-legendary-ign-nintendo-journalist-leaves-for-apple/


Fabio Sooner says:

Apple would most probably come with a sort of Bizarro World Wii:

– It would be called iConsole or some other pun-ready name, and it would have a similar white design, only with curved edges;

– It would weight two times more than the Wii despite the similar size; later, they’d release the iConsole Air, which would weight about the same as the Wii but cost double the regular ‘phat’ version;

– It would have only one controller socket. If you want to play with someone, buy their special accessory to make it into… TWO sockets (a few months later, unlicensed accessories would take it up to four).

– Controllers would have motion-sensing features, but they would only recognize moving from one side to the other. The first batches would consume a AA battery in less than 6 hours. Later, Apple would release new controllers – or a new accessory a la Motion Plus – to make it more energy-efficient.

– You would need to reset the console every time you wanted to switch from one game to another.

– Cost: US$ 400… For the smallest version with no wi-fi connector. If you would want to play online, you’d need to fork US$ 100 extra.

– Speaking of online playing, its equivalent to the competition’s gaming networks would feature static screens only – no animations. When pressed about the issue, [Apple CEO Steve] Jobs would say that the major animation technology available actually sucks and makes the iConsole waste a lot more energy, and that’s why he’ll wait for a new revolutionary animation engine to kick off.

One thing they’d do right:

– it would come with a built-in 250 GB HD minimum, and there’d be a 500 GB and a 1 TB version.


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