God blessed the Gold Lions bus with 38 riders.  We had a great day.  I honestly did not expect to have that many kids, and it was evidenced by the fact that I had to have someone get some more pop-sickles because we didn’t have enough! Speaking of pop-sickles, those silly things failed to freeze in time.  We’ll get it right next time.

I was very happy to see some former riders get on the bus on Sunday, namely two girls that we stopped visiting because they didn’t show any interest in coming back.  It was their friends that encouraged them to do so.  I’m glad for kids that do their part in the Great Commission by encouraging their friends to ride the bus.  Their efforts will not go unrewarded.

I had the privilege of preaching to the teenagers again (been doing so every other week lately).  I’m glad my own bus kids like to hear me preach.  I made the statement that, if I was to classify my message as either milk for babes in Christ or strong meat for mature Christians, this message was a hamburger.  With that I mean that some of the things said would probably be kinda hard for them to grasp right away.  The basis for my message was the tabernacle, but the subject was actually Jesus being our high priest and also our sacrifice (from Heb. 9).  I tried to be as a clear as I could be, and I hope it was a blessing.

I’m looking forward to next week.  I’m expecting to see former riders, missing riders, and brand-new riders.  It’s going to be awesome.

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~My Two Cents