God blessed the Gold Lions on Sunday, June 13th with 42 riders.  On Sunday, June 20th, God blessed our bus with 40 riders.  We’ve been having a pretty good summer (which technically starts today, mind you).  In our bus ministry, there is always that summer slump when kids inevitably find a myriad of things to do other than riding the church bus.  In this aspect, God has blessed us with many faithful riders.  Right now I have on my mind several kids that I know and whose parents I know.  Those kids love our ministry and what we have to offer.  Those parents respect our ministry and what we are trying to accomplish.  Almost without fail, I can count on those kids to ride the bus on Sunday.

We’ve had some new riders in the last couple of weeks.  One of them was reached as a result of the soulwinning efforts of our church.  They enjoyed our church, and I’m looking forward to seeing them back next week.

One of the things I discussed with my girlfriend on Sunday is that, as a captain and sole male worker (outside the bus driver), one of the things I’m no longer able to do that I absolutely loved doing as a worker is to spend time with the kids while on the bus.  Everyone loves the attention, especially kids.  It burns me when workers (not speaking necessarily of my own) sit down and stare out the window while we still have kids on the bus.  We play an important role in the lives of these kids, and the bus ride is a crucial time as we try to form brotherly relationships with them.  I loved asking the kids about their weeks and hearing their silly stories.  Usually, I have to do the role of a runner, so I stay at the front of the bus and can’t usually talk more than a minute with anyone, so I depend on my workers to fill this need.

Speaking of my girlfriend, I was absolutely thrilled that she was able to ride the bus these last two Sundays.  Her name is Lydia, and she lives in San Antonio, so our time together is usually short, but she was with me all day both Sundays.  It made me feel all awesome to have her see me in action as a captain.

On the 13th, we had ice cream sandwiches, which Sarah was kind enough to get for me while I preached for the 5th and 6th graders.  On the 20th, we tried freezer pops again.  The kids were excited that they were actually frozen this time around!  I was also missing two workers that day, one being sick and the other one at work, and it was felt as I couldn’t particularly deal with a couple of rowdy kids AND walk the rest of the kids home at the same time.  Those moments of frustration, thankfully, are brief and are overshadowed by a good sense of accomplishment after they are all home.

I mentioned in another post about the idea of getting a water cooler for our bus to counter this summer Texas heat.  I got a message today from Jessica Lundy, who told me she and her mom were going to help us out by buying our bus a water cooler!  That is a great blessing!  She was already one of my favorite people because of her love for retro videogames, but this is just very awesome.

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~My Two Cents