So yeah… exactly a month ago I published my last post and then went on a little hiatus. I really meant to update more often but first church and family obligations took precedence, then laziness conquered all.

During July, our bus has maintained stable as far as attendance is concerned. We fluctuated every week, having a low of 38 and a high of 46.  This is pretty good considering that other buses have struggled to stay in the 30s.  This is not to mean that our bus is better (despite what we may sing on the ride to church, ahem), and, truthfully, the bus would benefit from a more organized bus captain.  Never in my life has the verse “for a living dog is better than a dead lion” (Ecc. 9:4b) been truer than it is now.

Last Sunday, we had an attendance of 45 riders.  Last month, our promotions had to do with a variety of typical summer snacks: freezer pops, ice cream sandwiches, and pop-sickles.  This time, our primary focus was a water-balloon fight, with a can of grape or orange soda for each kid.  It went really well (I don’t see how anyone can mess this up, anyway), and the kids even helped with picking up balloon pieces afterwards.

The water-balloon fight encouraged some of our kids to bring visitors.  Two weeks ago, I signed up a couple of kids who were able to ride yesterday.  Perhaps our most prolific worker is actually one of our bus moms, Ms. Tammy Friddle.  She has not only brought new riders but has encouraged a family that has quit our bus TWICE to come back, and she is responsible for the four baptisms we’ve had in July (I wasn’t even AWARE that we had riders getting baptized until later in the same day).

Finally, I will take this opportunity to thank our Gold bus workers: our bus secretary Grace Kossia (who hides a wild persona behind that serious veneer), our ammunitions dealer Jennifer Collins (who prepared our water balloons), our rations provider Sarah Salinas (who is kind enough to buy the promotions for me, with my money), and our driver pro tem Ben Stover (who makes a mean steak).

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~My Two Cents