So here’s thing: last year I tried to do a video series on our family vacation. I only got around to the first part and then lost complete interest and abandoned the project. It was doomed from the start seeing how I only had half of my material (the other half decided to get corrupted and die).

On the first full weekend of August, I had everything ready for my vacation.  I was visiting my sweetheart in San Antonio for four days. It was my first time to ever drive down there all by myself.  And, as the custom is with me, I was all set to update my Facebook status with EVERY SINGLE THING I did on this trip.  Then the unthinkable happened.

My phone broke.

I was VERY (and understandably) irritated.  It was too late to do anything about it and had to do without a cell phone for a while.  Turns out, it was a blessing in disguise.  Yes, trying to run a bus and a Bible club with no phone was chaotic to say the least, but it allowed me to enjoy my vacation to the fullest.

Now that I’m back, though, you guys get the FULL story. Let’s get started.

Episode 1: The Radio Signals Disappeared!!!

I’ve never driven further than the DFW area. The farthest I’ve ever been on my own was Azle, TX in the middle of nowhere. I had the radio on as I was making my way through Burleson.  By the time I got to Hillsboro, I noticed that I was getting static.  I was going beyond the reach of the DFW radio stations.  I was fascinated. It’s also the most stupid thing, but I kept the radio on the same station to see how far it reached.  It was finally gone somewhere before Waco.  Then I discovered new radio stations, first in Waco, then in Austin, and finally in San Antonio.  The anticipation of seeing the results of my little experiment actually kept me alert until I arrived at my destination.  The sight-seeing is not that great along I-35, anyway.

Next up: Miss Perez, your boyfriend is getting a makeover!

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