I apologize for not updating last week.  It wasn’t so much that last week was nowhere near a stellar day on the bus like I wished I had and I didn’t want to update about it, but it was simply the laziness to write about it (well, that, and work was crazy).  This is for the best, because I get to update on the last two Sundays and do a little comparison.

On August 22nd, God blessed the Gold Lions with 29 riders.  This is a huge hit from our usual numbers, but situations beyond our control forced us to quit picking kids up halfway through.  Looking back, we had everything against us (and we always do, but this time it felt so much worse): we were short-staffed again, we had a 105 degree Texas weather, and I was careless and got dehydrated quick.  One of our little girls got sick on the way to church.  We had run out of napkins and baby wipes, and plus she ruined her beautiful dress, so we stopped at a dollar store to buy her a quick change of clothes and some more napkins.

And from here, everything went downhill.  The captain got sick as well.

With no other runners and with the danger of seeing more kids sick, we decided to call it a day and take what kids we had back to the church. We got there early but it wasn’t a good feeling.  Now my throat was sore and I still had to preach twice (one of those with only an hour of notice, which ironically turned out much better).  Needless to say, I felt horribly defeated. To be honest, I felt like I failed my bus kids for letting this happen, even though it really was beyond my control.  I especially felt bad about not picking up the other half, including a few kids that we have been working on for weeks.  Hopefully that effort will not be in vain.

So the next week came and I was afraid we would end up not doing well at all.  A situation with our foundation had me stay home and help while only one worker did the visiting (and she couldn’t do the whole route).  Luckily, the kids know we stop by regardless, so I was glad that this didn’t set us back.  I’m glad to report that on the 29th God blessed us with 37 kids, none of which got sick.  We were still short-staffed but I’m thankful for Sonya Stover who helped us out, and no workers got sick either.  Ben and Sonya also provided our promotion that day (freezer pops, or more like cool Kool-Aid, but it’s all good).  And we actually got there early in spite of the fact that we did the whole route today (and that I became more of a “walker” than a runner for the bus).  All in all, I’m happy for how things turned out.

So what’s the lesson to be learned? I personally believe that my “failure” on the 22nd was simply due to my attitude about being able to do anything without any help, not even God’s.  It’s embarrassing to admit it, but it’s probably a more commonplace problem that we care to admit.  Without God, there is no bus ministry.  Without His blessing, I will not get anything done.

I’m just one man.  I can’t possibly do everything by myself.  And I’m glad that I have the help and support of my bus staff, who make up in the areas where I need that help. So thank you, Jennifer, Sarah, Grace, Ben, and Sonya.  I know sometimes life and other commitments get in the way of our service, but I know you are committed to our bus and do what you can, which is all I could ever ask for. I’m not the Gold Lions bus. We are all the bus, together. Thank you.

~My Two Cents