My first thought when Aaron asked me to contribute to his blog was, “What in the world am I going to write?”  And two days later I’m still thinking the same thing!  I enjoy writing! However, I’ve never considered myself to be a good writer!  I guess that’s the joy of modern technology and the World Wide Web.  Anyone can have a blog and anyone can share their thoughts with the World (or whomever happens to stumble across your site).  You don’t have to be famous, relevant, or even a good writer.  I guess that’s where I come in (yes I ended that sentence in a preposition on purpose).

I hope to add to his blog and hopefully bring more readers.  And Aaron, if your followers start to drop…it won’t hurt my feelings if you kick me off.

Twice a week I plan on posting.  I already have a few things in mind.  So stay tuned and maybe Aaron and I can form the blogging team of the century!

TTY in a few days!
God Bless!!
Timothy Ingram