Just to paint you a little picture:  I was 10 years old in 1997, the year George Broussard and 3D Realms announced Duke Nukem Forever after the success they had with Duke Nukem 3D, one of the pioneers of PC first-person shooters.  Well, it’s 2010, I’m 23 now, and Duke Nukem Forever hasn’t come out yet.  Believe it or not, this game has been in development for nearly 14 years.  The fact that the title was never really canceled all these years has made it a farce in the gaming community, with jokes such as “this will happen the day Duke Nukem Forever comes out” (or other words, never).  Problems such as scrapping months of work in favor of updating the game’s engine and legal battles have only made things worse for those fans who have been waiting over a decade for this thing.

Just when everyone thought the game had finally been put to rest after 13 years of failed development, news surfaced today that Gearbox, the developers behind the popular game Borderlands, owned the IP (intellectual property) now and were finishing this game after 3D Realms had folded.  At this year’s Penny Arcade Expo (PAX), a playable demo was on display on the showfloor.

I wrote this up because I want you guys to realize what a big deal this is, so much that today it has been at the top of the trending list on Twitter.  This is a game that NO ONE thought would ever be released.  The scheduled release date (once a humorous “when it’s done”) is now set for 2011.  Some gamers, understandably, still hold a certain amount of skepticism that this will happen at all.

If it does, this is what we have to look forward to:

"And Duke Nukem Forever was released ... and the rivers turned to blood and the sky became like fire, as The Horsemen began to ride."

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~My Two Cents