In the past, I must admit, I have been kind of non-confrontational. That’s going to change!!! I plan on beginning a series of posts entitled “Is it really a Big Deal.” I’m sure some feathers will be ruffled and I’m fine with that. In fact I really don’t care. Everything I will blog about will be factual and backed by scripture. So, take it up with God. However, with this post I want to be a little more mellow.  Well, at least a little.

In my opinion there is nothing, outside of church and spiritual things, greater than sports. I thank God that sport and competition was created. Yes, if over emphasized, sports can become a bad thing. So we must be careful. But I think God knows how great of a blessing it can be to people. You see God knows that we are just feeble humans. We need distractions and breaks from real life. Some choose video games, some use hunting, and many other hobbies or pass times.

I personally choose sports. As a young child I began to love baseball. My parents took me to a few Rangers games growing up. I wanted to play baseball as often as I could. Soon after I discovered the DALLAS COWBOYS. What a treat. I was able to be a fan of “Americas Team.” Few moments in my life  can compare to the Joy and Happiness of seeing my Cowboys raise that trophy as NFL Champions.  Later on when we moved to Romania I became a fan of soccer/futbol. To this day I think it is the greatest sport in the World.

As a young preteen and teenager the great Michael Jordan was in his prime. You can now add Basketball to my list of favorite sports. I’ve yet to see anyone play like Michael. He will always be the greatest in my eyes. Sometime in my teen years I found out that Dallas had an NBA basketball team. Who Knew?? I think God sent Mark Cuban to Dallas just for me.

Hockey was just a sport I saw in the Mighty Ducks movies. But wait…Here come the Stars. One of the most exciting times I’ve ever seen in DFW was when the Stars where battling for Lord Stanley’s Cup. It seemed as if every other car had a Stars flag waving in the wind. There will always be a special place in my heart for the Dallas Stars. They made us Champions.

God gave us sports. He also saw fit to place us in our respective cities. God placed me into a family that lives in Arlington Texas. A city outside of Dallas Texas. If God wanted me to be a Lakers fan he would have placed me in L.A. If he wanted me to be a Yankees fan I would have been born in New York. He didn’t want me to be a Sooner. How do I know? Because I was not born in Oklahoma. Just as God made me an American he made me a Texan.  And I thank him for it.

So…Hook ’em Horns, How Bout Them Cowboys, Lets go Rangers, Let’s go Stars and Let’s go MAVS. If you don’t like sports that’s fine. Just Don’t tell me to shut up because I do. I’m A fan. Like it or leave it.

TTY Next Time

Timothy Ingram