What?! The Two-Bit… guy is posting again?! Why, yes! I know. I know. I pretty much abandoned this project for a while, and I can’t seem to coerce the other two to post anything.  So I’m posting a quick one just to have something for the October archives. Enjoy!

God blessed the Gold Lions bus with 15 riders last week… that may not be an impressive number for you (or for me), but I’m glad that all the kids that rode the bus last week… rode the bus last week. Ahem. Since I didn’t really have a promotion in mind that day, I decided to treat the kids to a bag of Oreo cookies and their choice of grape or orange soda. Who says I’m cheap when it comes to promotions?

…Actually, I kinda am, because I got me an offering plate, which I’m dubbing it, “the promotion offering.”

Next week, it’s “Beat the Devil” Sunday.  Or as I’m dubbing it, “Let’s Try to Get More Than Fifteen Kids on the Bus This Time, Guys” Sunday. To that end, I’m pulling out all stops and using our church’s bus fund (we get $20 a month for this kinda thing, which I was saving for a special day. I think this calls for it) to have our very own pizza party with soda! I’m hoping Saturday we can sign up a bunch of new kids and maybe encourage some of the ones that have left to come back.

Sunday I am also preaching for the teenage class.  I haven’t really taken the time to explain the current status quo.  After Bro. Robert Graf left to pastor a church, I was approached to be the new group leader… and quickly passed up on it, unless there was no one else who could do it.  And there was.  My friend since the old teen department days, Steve Lemmon, also captain of the Yellow Jackets, is now running the afternoon teen program with his wife Liz.  With the invaluable help of Valerie Green, who plays the keyboard, and Ben Armstrong, who does a contests before the lesson, and the other staples of the SS class, things are going great, and the transition was without consequence.  He is a good fit for this group.

Sunday being Halloween and “Beat the Devil” Sunday, I thought of preaching on the devil, straight from the Bible. At the time of the writing, I’m still trying to come up with a few ideas to “spice up” the presentation of the message. Nothing fancy, but there is this projector that we use, and I do have this flanograph laying around… I don’t know yet.  I’m confident it will come together on Saturday.

So that’s it for now. I’m hoping to get back into the swing of things and update more frequently, but I already envision posting another apology post late in November.  Here’s hoping!!!

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~My Two Cents