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What’s a Blog, anyway? Part Two

I mentioned on my first post that I wasn’t sure what use the regular joe (or Jose, in my case) had for a blog.  The more I think about it, the more I can see the endless possibilities a blog can have for me.

I am fascinated by writing and literature.  I have for as long as I can remember, just to different extents.  In the fifth grade, I was well-known in my school for my one-page comic book stories.  Granted, they were blatant rip-offs of whatever was on TV at the time, but I made a name for myself in those days by writing and illustrating stories.  At Lamar High School, I was taking Creative Writing and Shakespeare classes.  At Trinity Baptist Academy, my one-act play was such a hit in my English class that we had plans to perform it, which ultimately fell through.

For years I have been trying to perfect my writing abilities.  Having to learn English in my junior high years definitely set me back, but now I pride myself in my good handle of grammar.  I’m such a stickler for good grammar.  Perhaps it was my great desire to write stories that pushed me to learns all the ins and outs: vocabulary, diction, syntax, the endless exceptions to the rules, the nonsensical idiomatic expressions, the slang and colloquialisms…

The writer in me has this inner desire to convey a story and captivate people’s attention, to help them fully perceive in their minds what I have conceived in mine.  Every writer needs an outlet, a means to sharpen his skills and stay at the top of his game.  And that, friends, it’s where a blog comes in.  I’m going to love this.  Hopefully, you’ll stick around for the ride.

~My Two Cents.


What’s a Blog, anyway?

I always wondered what I blog was. I mean, it’s such an ugly word… “blog.” Sounds like you’re chocking on something, like “blegh.”

Well, apparently, it is another contraction (because we love it when we combine two words into one, don’t we?). Blog is short for “web log.”

What I failed to understand, however, was the purpose for the blog. Why would I want to post my thoughts, rants, and ramblings for everyone to see? I understand if you are a celebrity or public figure. People already love you. You can say that you hate your fans and they will still read your stuff. But the average guy? Well, I decided to give this blogging thing I try. Who knows? Maybe you, the reader, will learn something or may even be blessed by something I post.

And maybe it will put some of my Facebook and Twitter friends at rest, when I don’t post consecutively due to the 140 character limit. I may even tweet less (highly unlikely)!!!