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Gold Bus Update – May 16th

Normally, I update on the same Sunday the results in our bus ministry that day, but now the news are making their transition to the Two-Bit Special.  On the 9th, God blessed the Gold Lions with 45 riders, and on Sunday we had 46.  It is a great blessing to see our bus recuperating from the low numbers that crippled us during the Arlington to Anchorage Bus Race.

We also had a boy get baptized from our bus.  His name is Devon Thibodeau.  His siblings Jacob and Brittany Tamez have also gotten baptized from our bus.  They are great kids with a lot of potential that seems to be hampered by a difficult upbringing.  Once the mom had to remove them from our bus because of a problem that arose with their other brother, Simon.  I’m happy that they are back, but don’t you know it Simon got in trouble again on Sunday.  When Brittany and Jacob got baptized, Simon got in the trouble that caused him to be kicked out.  I see a sad pattern here, clearly the devil’s work against our bus.  We’ll see how it turns out as Saturday comes around.

Tiffany Yazzie is gone for the summer, and in her place we have Sarah Salinas helping out.  The Sanders family are a great help and asset.  Joshua and Brooke are nice kids and like to participate in the bus.  Twice now the Sanders have helped us with our bus promotion by buying fudge bars (the first time I didn’t even have anything in place, so it was a great blessing).

I really don’t see us raising enough money for the bus tag.  I don’t think we’ve been pushing this enough.  Hopefully this last week we’ll have the funds we need and get that pizza party.

I love seeing our faithful riders come every week, like the Mitchell girls (little Sarah turned 4 last month so she’s been riding for a few weeks now) or a girl named Daniella.  It was also great to see some new faces, such as a boy named Ian (his mom stopped me last Sunday and was very much interested in him going) and two Puerto Rican little girls that I met on Saturday visitation.  They hadn’t realized that they’ve been to our church before on the Purple Pirates.  I’m sure they meant no ill will, but they were quick to point out that they beat us at some contest we had before (grumble grumble).  I told them how lucky they were to be on the best bus at TBC now.

If you work on a bus or Sunday school ministry, how was your day on Sunday?  Leave a comment on the section below and don’t forget to share!

~My Two Cents



Christmas Memories

This was a long time coming, but only now have I had a chance to work on this entry.


Christmas has come and gone.  The days leading up to December 25th are full of eagerness and great expectations.  It’s a time of cheer and joy, surrounded by our loved ones, celebrating the fulfillment of the promise of our Saviour.

Perhaps it’s in our youth when this time is the most magical.  By that, I mean that things kinda just happened.  As children, do we ever stop to think what our parents go through behind the scenes to make Christmas a special time in our lives?  I know I didn’t.  Whether it was Mom working in the kitchen, or Dad putting up the decorations, they worked hard so we could have precious memories etched in our hearts.

When we become adults, we gain a greater appreciation for the things our parents did so we could have fond memories.  But that magic is not gone.  It passes onto us, and it becomes our turn to make Christmas a great time for our own.


What is your favorite Christmas memory?  Mine is not a particular Christmas’s Eve, but in my childhood we used to have Christmas dinner at my grandparents’ (both paternal and maternal).  My dad has five brothers and sisters; my mom has three siblings.  So, of course, their homes were jam-packed with uncles, aunts, cousins, and complete strangers that were somehow related to us.

But it was when we moved to Texas that we no longer had the crowds.  It was just the four of us.  Christmas become a rather small celebration, sometimes bittersweet because we recalled those days gone by and missed our family so dearly.  Within the last 10 years, I’d say my favorite Christmas memory is the year when our relatives finally visited us.  We had the crowd at our home.  It was just like old times, and I loved every minute of it.

Since, then, they have come every other year, but that first time was a wonderful time for all of us, and it made that Christmas extra special.

~My Two Cents