So after a long hiatus, the Two-Bit Specialist is back now in the outset of summer.  I’m hoping now that I can post a little more frequently now.

As many of you may know, my library of games is rather large, going upwards of 200 games by now.  Mainly for my own benefit, I decided to chronicle that games that I have finished (the requirements for completion will change from game to game, but usually beating the final boss and getting 100% is necessary).  I hope you guys get a kick out of it.  I’ll go through 5 at a time, as that way it won’t seem so overwhelming and it will give me a chance to go a little bit into detail about each game.

To start things off, what better than 5 games about a mustached Italian plumber who is almost synonymous with video-games?  Hit the jump to see 5 games in the Mario series that I have beat: Continue reading